Eligibility Requirements


Malaysian citizen


Applicable for children born in Sarawak or abroad


Both or either parents are Sarawakian with 'K' status on their NRIC


Pendaftaran EFS dibuat semasa pendaftaran kelahiran. Tempoh permohonan adalah sehingga 1 tahun daripada tarikh kelahiran bayi


For adoption, both or either parents are Sarawakian with the 'K' status on their NRIC


Possess valid child adoption certificate issued by the district office in Sarawak

Documents Required

Documents needed for application


Copy of MyKid


Copy of applicant's birth certificate


Copy of identity card of the applicant's father or mother

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Endowment Fund Sarawak (EFS) is an initiative by the Sarawak Government where every Sarawakian newborn from year 2019 onwards is entitled RM1,000. The fund will be credited into his/her bank account and can only be withdrawn at the age of 18.

The purpose of Endowment Fund Sarawak (EFS) is to help secure a better future for every new-born Sarawakian. The fund can be used for admission to college or university or setting up a business in the future.

(i) a Malaysian citizen;

(ii) Born in / outside of Sarawak;

(iii) both or one of the parents are Sarawakians with “K” status MyKad and

(iv) Endowment Fund Sarawak (EFS) can be applied with one year from date of birth

(v) for adopted child category:

(a) both or one of the parents are Sarawakians with “K” status MyKad; And

(b) Have a valid child Sijil Pengangkatan Anak issued by District Offices in Sarawak and/or Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Federal Territories)

Yes, if the birth is valid in other states in Malaysia, the Endowment Fund Sarawak (EFS) registration form must be submitted to the Headquater of Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara Negeri Sarawak. Please attach a copy of the baby’s birth certificate or, Mykid (if any) and parent’s MyKad.

Yes, for births abroad, the birth needs to be registered at the Malaysian Embassy/ High Commission office to authorize parents to select Malaysian citizenship for the child before the Endowment Fund Sarawak (EFS) registration form is submitted to the Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara Negeri Sarawak, within one year.

Please attach a copy of the baby’s birth certificate or MyKid (if any) and parent’s MyKad.

No. The Endowment Fund (EFS) incentives are managed by Bank Islam and withdrawals can only be made by presenting MyKad of the child when he/she reaches the age of 18.

Yes. If the child dies before reaching the age of 18, the next of kin can withdraw the funds from Endowment Fund Sarawak (EFS) for the funeral by presenting the Sijil Kematian Asal to the Bank Islam.

When the recipient or account has reached the age of 18, he/she can withdraw the Endowment Fund Sarawak (EFS) by submitting their MyKad to Bank Islam.

The registration form can be found through the following: -

1) All 52 branches of Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara Negeri Sarawak

2) Download the form via link access (http://bit.ly/BorangEFS)http://bit.ly/BorangEFS)

3) Registration can also be done via iSarawakCare Mobile App which can be downloaded from Google Play Store or Apple App Store

14 hari waktu bekerja dengan syarat semua dokumen wajib  lengkap dan di serahkan kepada pihak berkuasa

Sila hubungi +6082-442050

Monday to Friday (8.00 am – 5.00 pm)

Email: efs.gov@kwkpk.com

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