Eligibility Requirements


Malaysian citizen


Sarawakians mothers with ‘K’ status on their MyKAD or wives of Sarawakians with ‘K’ status on MyKAD


Applicable for birth in Sarawak or abroad


Application be made upon 22 weeks of pregnancy up to 3 months after delivery

Documents Required

Documents needed for application


Copy of applicant's NRIC (front and back)


Copy of husband's/ guardian's NRIC (front and back)


Copy of marriage certificate if the applicant is non-Sarawakian


Copy of pregnant mother's health records (front page)


Copy of account booklet/ statement of account


Copy of discharge summary/ birth certificate

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You are eligible to apply for this incentive if you give birth in 2020.

Online applications can be made by the mother, 3 months after giving birth from year 2020 onwards.

  • Malaysian citizen
  • The mother is Sarawakian with “K” status on their MyKad or; Wife to a Sarawakian with “K” status on their MyKad.
  • Applicable for birth in / outside of Sarawak.
  • Must be at least 22 weeks pregnant or more (manual application)
  • To apply within 3 months after delivery (online application)

Yes, you will still be eligible. Mothers who have registered for the one-off Bantuan Ibu Bersalin (BIB) will receive the aid if they miscarried or had still birth.

14 days given that all compulsory documents are complete and submitted to the authorities

You can apply for Bantuan Ibu Bersalin (BIB) every time you give birth.

  • Download the form via link access (http://bit.do/bib2020)
  • Registration can be done via iSarawakCare Mobile App which can be downloaded from Google Play Store or Apple App Store

Sila hubungi +6082-442050

Monday to Friday (8.00 am – 5.00 pm)

Email: bib.gov@kwkpk.com

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