iSarawakCare Privacy Policy
Last Updated 17/02/2022


Information collected from the users of iSarawakCare, enables the platform to provide the services it was designed to cater for. In order for iSarawakCare to deliver these services for the Ministry of Women Family and Community Development (henceforth known as ‘,the Ministry’) it is essential that its users agree that this platform will gather and store certain information from the users that is required to ensure the functionality of  iSarawakCare platform and services as a whole.



When you register for an account on iSarawakCare and provide us with your personal information, we manage and store that information for processing in accordance with the iSarawakCare privacy policy. This is in line with the nature of the platform, and these rules may change and or be updated from time to time. Example of situations where the user will provide personal data on our platform:

  • Creating an account
  • Filling in personal details
  • Uploading related documents

Personal information collected from you may vary depending on how you use the iSarawakCare platform. We process, monitor and analyze  information and other materials for data analysis, quality control, enforcement of our processes as well as the improvement of our services.



When you are using iSarawakCare, your device will automatically provide us with information so that we can provide a customized response to you. The type of information we collect by the automated process comprises the technical information of your device, such as the IP address and / or other types of device identifiers. The information we obtain may also include information and statistics on your usage of our system.



In order for us to provide our intended services, it is essential that we are able to obtain and use the information as described in this policy.

When we obtain any information that does not identify you as a specific individual (“Non-Personal Information”), we only intend to use and disclose this information in line with the requirements of the policies of ISarawakCare.

The aforementioned holds true, notwithstanding anything to the contrary stated in this policy, except in circumstances governed by applicable law. Examples of Non-Personal information include: location, demographic data (including gender, date of birth, addresses and postcodes); or any personal information that has been anonymized, aggregated or used to de-identify you as a specific individual.

iSarawakCare will use such information as personal information in accordance with this policy. Where certain non personal information is portrayed as personal information, we will use and disclose this information as personal information in accordance with this policy and in line with applicable and governing law.

Information gathered in regards to applicants and users will be shared with the Ministry. This information will include, but not limited to age, gender, and contact information. In addition to this, information pertaining to iSarawakCare users gathered through iSarawakCare will be shared with the Sarawak State Government. This information includes but is not limited to statistical data, contact details, background etc.



We only disclose personal information to third parties as follows:

Analytics & Optimisation

Profile Information, Initiative Application, Location, User Activity

Information Technology Services

Profile Information, Initiative Application, Location, User Activity

Email & Email Delivery Providers

Initiative Application, Initiative Application Response, Profile Information, User Activity



Cookies are fragments of data stored in your device to promote a better user experience on a platform. We use cookies to help us better recognize you on the system, enhance your user experience, as well as understand your usage on our platform. After you have registered on iSarawakCare, we may connect information we collect from the cookies set by us with information obtained from you. The provision of cookies is voluntary and requires your consent, except for those Cookies that we place on your device to enhance the performance of our platform and services.

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